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Buyer's Agents get paid out of the proceeds of a sale - not from their buyer clients. So it doesn't cost you anything to hire us. And this is the best decision you could make as you begin the home buying process.

We Consult with you to make sure you are making a great, wise decision every step of the way. From the initial consultation, all the way to closing, you have a fiercely committed advisor at your hip ensuring you are making the best decision possible. We help you consider all angles, understand the entire picture, and guide you to do what's right for you based on your individual situation and goals.

We Negotiate for you to make sure you are getting the absolute best deal possible. We treat your money like it's our money, and put our exceptional negotiation skills to use to give you an edge in the deal. This is one of many areas where we separate ourselves from the average agent. As an avid student of Chris Voss - known as one of the best negotiators in the world - we understand the power of reasoning with empathy to influence decisions. We utilize our ability to understand the seller's feelings, motivations, and intentions to tilt the sale in your favor.

We Handle every little detail for you to make sure, without a shred of doubt, your transaction is managed flawlessly. We take tremendous pride in our organizational skills and keen attention to detail. There are hundreds of small steps throughout a real estate transaction, and we'll hold your hand through all of them. You can feel confident that everything is perfectly in order every step of the way.

Bottom line, we get the job done properly, and never let you down. Period.

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